Bi Weekly Pick up

Please place your recycling on the opposite side of your curb cart, this way there is no confusion. Recycling needs to be out at 6am along with your trash, this way it is guaranteed to be picked up.

We accept the following recyclables

Cardboard & Paper Bags

Kitchen Cookware

Steel, Tin, & Aluminum Cans


Plastic Cans


Magazines & Catalogs


Office Paper

Household Plastic

Plastic Jugs/Bottles

We do not accept the following

Styrofoam Containers/Packing

Medical Waste/Syringes

Chemicals (Liquid or Dry)

Motor Oil



Paint Cans

Wood Items

Household Cleaners

Flammable Liquids

Garden Hose

Electrical Cords

Pizza Boxes

It is very important to all of us that we do our share to make the recycling program work by minimizing rejected material at the recycling plants. This has been a major problem. Therefore we are asking our drivers to leave any items that do not meet the above criteria. Thank you for being a loyal customer and your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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