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In case anyone was still on the fence about their garbage pickup I wanted to say that I have
had Dougie’s Disposal now for 6 months and he has proven himself to be a very dependable
service!!! He is always prompt and friendly, he always smiles and waves when he sees me,
I even got a Christmas card from him and his family, I never got that with our previous waste company
One day my ankle was hurting me and I was limping a little and Dougie just happened to be
here to pick up the garbage, he even brought my garbage can up the house and put it in the
garage for me, I wonder how long I would have waited for one of the guys from our former service to do that for me?????
One really satisfied customer!!!
Karen Hatcher


I have to agree Dougies has been great, he waves to my daughter doesn’t throw the cans or make a mess and he does not drive across my lawn!!!! (you have to live on a corner lot to understand my frustration)  

Danny  Subjeck


My dad was a milkman in Rochester when I was growing up.  I remember him running to the grocery for customers who needed bread for their families…they were mostly stay at home moms who didn’t drive.  My dad always went above and beyond for his customers, too.  Dougies Disposal is a lot like that to me, as well.  We also got a Christmas card with a picture of his family on it.  We are very happy with our garbage service with Dougie’s.   

Diane Detter

When we switched to Dougies Disposal, our previous trash disposal company  tried to woo me back with a better deal.  I said, no thanks!  I love doing business with locals and what a great job they have done! 

Linda Oldford 

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